K&M Hardwood Floors: Wooden Flooring Restoration | Atlanta, GA

Genuine hardwood floors are a beautiful asset to any home. Sometimes that beauty is tarnished by years of abuse and dirt. Wood floors often become worn, especially in high-traffic areas like halls, entryways, and kitchens. If there’s scratches, scuffing, or visible wear, your floor will benefit from our restoration procedure. We will fix and conceal signs of old age and imperfections.

Tired of the old color? Dull, too dark or too light? During the refinishing, you will have the to opportunity to alter the finish to a lighter or darker shade. Our techniques will update your floors and upgrade their appearance to a lovely, smooth finish. If you’ve just purchased a new residence and the finish is too light or too dark to your taste, refinishing can be a solution for you. It is a great, economical way to instantly update your home! Go lighter for a more open, clean feel. Or darker for a more dramatic contrast!

The refinishing process includes scraping and sanding the floors down to the natural wood. The flooring is sanded with coarse paper to level a new floor or remove old finish. Afterward, the whole floor area is filled to eliminate cracks and nail holes. The flooring is sanded two more times with increasingly finer grit sand paper. Our process keeps mess to a minimum on most projects. We can usually finish the job in a short period time, letting you return to your normal schedule.

You can expect your newly refinished hardwood floors to be smooth and polished for many years. The less heavy traffic on your floors, the longer the restoration will last. Follow directions from our care maintenance page to learn the best way to care for your floor.

All furniture, carpeting, drapes, wall hangings, and kick-knacks should be removed. All nails or staples from carpeting removal, must be yanked from the floor. Flooring machines create vibration and noise and could cause items to rattle. Pets should be transferred to somewhere out of the way where they’ll be joyful. Additionally all the furniture needs to be moved to another area of the house.


Your wood floors can be refinished by K&M Flooring without all the mess and hassle. Dustless sanding uses a process with suction that provides a clean, healthy, efficient and groundbreaking choice for property and house owners. Traditional hardwood floor sanding produces enormous amounts of airborne dust, which isn’t difficult and only extremely messy to clean up, but can be carcinogenic and toxic, determined by the species of wood.

This dust can linger in your air ducts, ceiling, and walls long after the sanding procedure has taken place. This can endangering the air quality of your home or place of business. Our dustless system will reduce or even remove the task of cleaning up enormous amounts of dust.

It isn’t necessary for most people to leave their homes while the floors are being refinished. Dust will not be noticed by you. We can work around your schedule and may also perform the work in stages, working from room to room. We can also return on another day to complete the work if you have any scheduling conflicts. We strive to remain flexible for your convenience.